Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Now that the cold season is coming, perhaps you already decided to upgrade your roof so that your home can be prepared to the weather. Indeed, hails can damage your home, car and can even injure someone when get hit directly. Here are the benefits of metal roofing against different types of conventional roofing such as wood, tile, and asphalt. You’ll be surprised on how many advantages it can serve you together with your family.

Aesthetic Look

Perhaps you are thinking that installing metal roof can turn your house into a barn-like looking. Yes, barns are using metal roof with its silvery looks that can be irritating to the eye. But, metal roof can beat out conventional roofing materials when it comes to aesthetic. Your home can turn from simple to extravagant because of its overall look. Even though how small or how big is your home, your neighbors will certainly envy you.

Expected Life

Other metal roofing materials can last for only 10 years or so depending on the repairs and maintenance. As soon as the materials deteriorate, you need to call your roofers back and install another set of materials. Not to mention that traditional roofing materials can be beaten down by extreme hurricanes and snowstorms. Which means, this could be another pain in your pocket. In addition, your insurance company will try and look for the cheapest materials and service as much as possible. But not with metal roofing Virginia. It will last long as the house, sealing out water, high winds, snow, and all types of weather. The materials are highly resistant from fire, mildew and rot. This means that your roof will last from 60 up to 80 years.

Speed Installation

Because of its lightweight materials, a typical home project could only last for about 5 days up to 1 week depending on the curves and the weather. You can save on support structure because metal roof installation is using shingles. You can save not just your precious money but also time. The first day of the project includes inspection and stripping the roof.


It is certain that metal is one of the major conductor of heat which means if the season is hot, you are probably expecting that your home interior and attic will be extremely hot. But in reality, metal roofing technology reflects the radiant coming from the sun. This allows you to save energy and money. Metal roofing in low in insulation R value according to metal roofing alliance, but many ventilation designs these days are using dead-air space between the metal and attic to increase its overall energy efficiency,


Last but not the least is the value of your home. Did you know that installing metal roof can increase your house value as much as 30%? It is beneficial for real estate investors and for those of you who are moving to other location. Moreover, because you are using an eco-friendly, the federal government will give you incentives because you are using recyclable material.  

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